Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hooray for Christmas trees
And candlelight
And the good old church pageant.
Hooray for shepherd boys
who forget their lines
And wise men whose beards fall off
And a Mary who giggles.
O Lord, you were born!
And I will celebrate!
I rejoice for the carnival of Christmas!
I clap for pajama-clad cherubs
And the Christmas cards jammed 
in the mail slot.
I o-o-o-oh for the turkey
And ah-h-h-h for the Christmas pudding
And thank God for the alleluias
I see in the faces of people.
O Lord, there aren't enough choir
boys to sing what I feel.
There aren't enough trumpets to blow.
O Lord, I want bells to peal!
I want to dance in the streets of
I want to sing with the heavenly host!
For unto us a Son was given
And he was called God With Us.
For those of us who believe,
The whole world is decorated
in love!

~ Ann Weems