Saturday, May 18, 2013



Permanent. Lasting. Constant. Enduring. Stable.

Reminders I regularly need of God's love for me, for I am weak and forgetful. I am doubtful even. But.... I am grateful. Grateful for mercy and grace that abounds. That is new every day. Every day I choose whether or not to accept it. It waits. He waits. Patiently. Longingly. Lovingly.

And He provides reminders that are like serenades to my heart, gently calling me to "COME.". To "TRUST.". To "REST.". 

Reminders like this from my beloved Streams in the Desert....
"The pressure of difficult times makes us value life. Every time our life is spared and given back to us after a trial, it is like a new beginning. We better understand its value and thereby apply ourselves more effectively for God and for humankind. And the pressure we endure helps us to understand the trials of others, equipping us to help them and to sympathize with them."

I am trying to soak this all in. 
Learning His way and will for my life. 
Slowly realizing that true joy, true love are not romantic and least as beauty is often interpreted. They have nothing to do with being happy, as most would imagine happiness. But instead......
.....true love......true joy are an abiding.....a breathtaking abiding that sometimes aches and yet cultivates a heart so full of gratitude that it can't be expressed.

Oh how blessed to have a Heavenly Father that loves us so. 
That loves me so.
That calls to my heart. That never gives up. That doesn't leave or forsake....or even have thoughts of such. I am weak, but HE is strong.