Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Hold Your Hands Up!"

That's the phrase that is always heard when our family rides a roller coaster, "Hold your hands up!". Well, we are in the coaster seat, strapped in, waiting for the start button to be pressed, with our hands UP!!!!
You see, we've been on a journey for a few months now....well, really MUCH longer, but for a few months we've known our specific target. Our journey was to become a Foster Family. Today it is official! Our home is approved and open to accept children. We are full of praise....hands UP!

Now, you know the feelings that set in once you are strapped into that roller coaster car? The butterflies, jitters, excitement and tinge of fear about what's to come next? Yea, that's right where we are! Full of enthusiastic expectation for what's ahead....with no real idea as to what to expect. Foster care, like many matters dealing with family and children, can be very complicated and unpredictable. There really isn't a textbook scenario for which to be prepared for. Anything is possible. Let me assure you, for a person who really likes to have a "game plan", step by step boxes to check, "anything is possible" can be a bit overwhelming at times! Hands still up though...because that just makes the whole experience even better right? ;)
It's all His! And
thankfully, God is faithful in ALL things, and has proven that over and over during this unpredictable journey (in some most creative and undeniable ways!)....and I'm certain He will continue to do so as we move further into the unknown.

We appreciate your prayers for our family and the children we will have the privileged to care for, however long they are with us. Our hearts are tender, but we are confident in His sovereign grace and power that has brought us to this place. We invite you to "Hold your hands up!" with us and praise Him for what is and is yet to come! the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything.
Ephesians 5:19-20


  1. Oh, I'm so thankful for you guys! And your heart for little ones! I cannot wait to be on this adventure with you and see all the precious little ones He brings to you. The ones He wants with you!!! :)

    (this says Sydney, but it's Kristie :)

  2. Thank you Kristie!
    So very excited for you and your news too!!! WOO HOO!!! Not much longer now! :)