Friday, December 31, 2010

Freeze Frame

I absolutely love this stage in my life! Really, if I could freeze my children right where they are and keep it this way forever, I think I would. Sleepless nights, messy house, absolute NO privacy and all....well, I'm pretty certain I could do without the dirty diapers and stomach bugs, but other than that, yup, it's good. I love climbing into bed to action figures and stuffed animals under my covers because my room had been transformed into an aquarium that day. Or finding sloppy little love notes on random scraps of paper with delightfully misspelled words. :) I love the instant satisfaction that comes from being the one whose presence alone brings security, comfort and calmness to one of my children. Or the delightful celebration when I "magically" create them a simple gift like a pillowcase. I love the sounds of siblings playing and laughing. I love the late night and early morning snuggles. The picture books we have memorized. The freedom of imagination and creativity that effortlessly flows all around. The way they overlook all my imperfections. I love the random hugs and I love yous, and the feeling of my heart swelling within me when I witness the purity and rawness of my child learning something new or simply acting their age. Motherhood really is bliss to me!

I've always found it interesting that people act as though I settled for being a stay-at-home-mom, when actually, it is a choice I have the privilege to make each and every day. I truly can't imagine anything better! I have the unique opportunity to learn and grow every single day, surrounded by the people in this world I love most, I mean come on! And I get to watch each of them do the same. They give me life energy and a purpose far beyond anything I could ever have asked for or imagined. Oh how eternally grateful I am that God knew far better than I what "career" would best suit me and that for reasons I'm sure never to understand has blessed me beyond measure by filling my home to overflowing with little hands, feet and hearts to grow with!

Looking forward to what the year ahead holds while soaking in each and every moment of the here and now,


  1. Wishing you the best in 2011! We are looking forward to bringing Anna home from China.

  2. AMEN!!! I love moms who LOVE to be moms!!