Monday, February 14, 2011

** 15 **

15 years ago today the man God created to be my husband, life friend and leader of my home asked me to marry him. It was a long, exhausting, rather frustrating day. I know, I know....where's the romance right? Give me a minute. :) At the time, we were both working our first Valentines Day in the newly acquired family florist. Valentines Day as a florist is ANYTHING but romantic! I will save you the grueling details, but let's just say the day had resulted in tears for me. Then it happened. My sweet, sweet fella, back from one of his frantic delivery runs handed me a box of chocolates that he insisted I open. Inside, a shiny token representing his intentions stood from one of the candies. Then down on one knee he asked the question that I gave an immediate response to, "YES!"....and the adventure began. Six months later we were married. It has, and continues to be anything put predictable, as every step seems to purposefully evade my strategy to plan it. But it has been so good! I can't imagine my life without this most amazing man and am blessed beyond expectation to be lock-armed by his side as we move more unknown, but together, trusting God for every step.
Happy Valentines My Love and My Hero!

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