Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 The children have been learning about pinnipeds in science...and I have been learning just as much right along side them. Pinnipeds are a group of animals that include true seals, sea lions, fur seals and walruses. 
From Wikipedia

There are many interesting characteristics and mannerisms to explore with these animals. Because of their structure, abilities and environment, these types of animals face a unique obstacle when trying to get on land from the water. To do so independently is almost impossible. So, they have to work together, as a team, pushing and pulling as a group to work their heavy, awkward bodies onto the land. This is called hauling-out.

I don't image the act of this being especially graceful or even pretty to watch, but nonetheless, effective. Without this teamwork, many would die. Many would never be able to breed or give birth. They would fall prey to underwater predators, trapped and unable to defend themselves.

Sometimes, this is exactly how it is in a large family too. As we work together as a team, it may not be graceful, it may even be flat out ugly sometimes, but when we push, lean and pull each other up, we can reach our goal. And while the process may sometimes be painful, the prize is always sweet.


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