Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life is full right now. 
Full of appointments, meetings, classes.....full of life.
This past week I attended a special training class for foster parents.
On the way there, alone in my car....which is a significant rarity....the quietness allowed my mind to begin to wander. 
Often when attending foster parenting classes, the experience can be very emotional. 
You have the opportunity to learn a lot. 
Some things you learn and hear are very helpful.
Some things you wish you never knew were a part of our world.
The anticipation of what to expect had my thoughts racing even a bit more than is normal. 
I began to feel anxiety creeping in.....slowly, but consuming, like the night. 
And instantly, I also felt the presence of God lean in and say "I'm here."
He knows me well enough to know that I need that reminder. 
Sadly, that is the case regardless of all the times he has proven himself faithful to me.
Mercifully, he still provides. 
His love is overwhelming.
Even puzzling at times.

As I waited for the class to begin, I walked about the nearby gift shop wasting time.
Then I saw the figure in the photograph above.
This tiny little boy carrying the message of HOPE

What strikes me most about the image is that he isn't carrying the message all balled up in a position of guarding or protecting. 
His posture shows no measure of doubt at all.
Completely vulnerable.
Outstretched arms that fully trust.
Full of hope. 

Thank you Father for this beautiful, intentional reminder!

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