Thursday, August 7, 2014

It happened today....

I've known it would. 
I wasn't sure when or how, but it was certain to come. 
There were times I was nervous about it, wondering how to respond thoughtfully and truthfully. 

How would I be able to convey in a short reply, an answer the heart and mind of a 4 year old could grasp? 
How do I make sure it is always seen as a positive? 
A blessing for our family.
An answer to prayer. 

That God's beautiful, abundant GRACE brought her to us.
Yes, in a different way than some children are brought to their families....but just as miraculous!

My ears are keen for the word coming from her mouth. 
Nothing to dread, but everything to celebrate.
God's perfect plan in our lives being played out.

It happened today.

In an everyday moment, it happened.
Driving down the road, just she and one of her older sisters in the car with me.
Almost talking to herself.
"I love adopting, Mommy! That means you are mine!"
She asked for an image of what adopted means, and I was able to connect her to a movie she and her siblings enjoy watching that gave her a clear visual.
Then, as quickly as it happened, she had moved on to which flavor of ice cream she would have for treat. 

It's one of those moments you wish you could pause and replay you could soak every, single moment of it in.
How did she come up with that?
We talk about adoption openly in our home, but never really in a way that singles her out or puts such a "label" on her.
I've often wondered if she even understands since the conversations are often quick and un-detailed when they occur.
She has asked about growing in my tummy, and I've explained that all babies don't come to their families that way. But again....nothing too deep, as she always seems satisfied with the simple answers right now, and I've happily conceded to go at her pace.

But, it happened today.
And all on her own.
And whether she fully understand the weight of her words, I do.
And I receive them as a direct message from My Heavenly Father.
A message of pure love.
A whisper of peace and reassurance to my Mama's heart.

And, I am grateful.

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