Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Dreamin....

....but about something different now! :)
When I imagine being able to help someone, really help someone, it's not just an immediate "fix" I hope to create, but rather a lasting, ongoing impact. I learned of this motivated organization yesterday who is doing just that and had to share! It's called 3Seams.
They saw a need, 98% of a countries population unemployed. (wow! and we thought the US unemployment rate was bad!) Their Mission, "To reach beyond ourselves through children's clothing, promoting global interaction, and putting faith and love into motion!". How they intend to put feet to this mission....this is my favorite part!!!! This is where sewing and children and the lasting impact come in!!!
"The goal of ‘3seams’ is to have funding for FIVE seamstresses by the 5th of May when we return to Haiti! $500 will get a woman the training and supplies she needs to get started. These women will be sewing children’s clothing that will eventually be available through the ‘3seams’ clothing line (Hopefully by Fall 2010)! Please consider and pray about how you can be a part of this project! $2500 will start 5 women on the road to a new life! You can help make a difference!" (for complete details check their blog here.)

In addition to providing a means of income for these families....yea, that's not all!!!....
"Our company creates opportunities for people to purchase clothing for their children while at the same time supplying a child in need with an identical piece. Each piece of clothing is made in sets of two. One piece goes home with the buyer and one is donated by 3 seams to an organization that ensures a child in need will receive it! Not only does a child somewhere around the world receive a much needed item, but the child here in America knows that there is a child somewhere else in the world wearing the exact same dress… or pants… or shirt…." ...and that their purchase made a difference! GOOD STUFF!!!!

This is the kind of thing that just makes sense to me! So many things being tackled here... poverty, unemployment, the needs of a child - whether that be physical, by providing clothing, or educational by providing the knowledge and opportunity to contribute outside of one's self. Please consider getting to know more, sharing about or supporting the efforts of 3Seams and be blessed!


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