Saturday, August 7, 2010

Girly Stuff!

To cope with my girls being away at summer camp, I made some super girly surprises to welcome them when they came home. I had so much fun!!! Both the skirt and purse patterns are from Whimsy Couture, and the reversible purse pattern is FREE here! Can't beat that! And they have the cutest, whimsical style!

It was so wonderful to have them immediately shower and change into these and then say, "Ah! It feels so good to be a girly girl after a week of tomboy!". What more could a mama ask for??? :) 


  1. you are so amazingly talented! thanks fo using your giftedness to bless your girls. I miss you but was honored that you came to the yard sale. thank you for the generous gift. read about how much you've helped anne too! Love you, love you, love you!

  2. Thank you Robin. :) The girls were so THRILLED with all the beautiful clothes they found at the sale....and Eli....hasn't stopped vacuuming! ;)Couldn't believe you had a tiny vacuum like he "needed"!
    Love you too lady! And am so blessed to get to watch your journey to your precious boy!