Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just In Case You Ever Wonder...

This is absolutely one of my most favorite children's books of all time. has just moved waaaaay up on my list. We received our first foster placements a week ago, one of which is a precious toddler boy who doesn't understand why his world has been turned upside down.

Books are a daily commodity in our home, but he hasn't shown much interest....until today. We have a multitude of children's books in our home....really, HUNDREDS! Out of all these books, character books, sound books, touch and feel books, you name it, he brought this one to me to read to him. He sat affectionately close to me as I read it over and over and over to him. 

"Long, long ago God made a decision - a very important decision... one that I'm really glad He made. He made the decision to make you. 
The same hands that made the stars...canyons...trees...moon and sun made you. That's why you are so special. God made you.

If you looked all over the world - in every house - there would be no one else like you...
You are very, very special.

And since you are so special, God wanted to put you in just the right home...
where you would be warm when it's cold, 
where you'd be safe when you're afraid,
where you'd have fun and learn about heaven.
After lots of looking, God sent you to me.
And I'm so glad He did.

I'll never forget the first time I saw you...
I knew in my heart God had sent someone very wonderful for me to take care of.

Remember I'm here for you.
On dark nights when you hear noises in your closet, call on me.
When you see monsters in the shadows, call me.
On hard days when kids are mean and don't treat you like they should, come to me.
...cause I love you. And I always will, just in case you ever wonder.

I'll teach you about God.
He loves you
He protects you.
He and His angels always watch over you.

And God wants me to make sure you know about heaven. 
It's a wonderful place. 
There are no tears there. No monsters. No mean people.

In heaven you are so close to God that He will hug you, just like I hug you. It's going to be wonderful. I will be there, too. I promise.
We will be there together, forever.
Remember that...just in case you ever wonder."

At one point, about the third time through, I was so overwhelmed by the words and how they meant something so entirely different to me than ever before, and how certain I was that God had this book in my home for this very moment, that I began to cry. Trying not to upset him, I continued to read....but my voice was cracking and my tone had changed, and he had noticed. He leaned up and wrapped his arms around my head, pulling me to his chest and just held me as I finished reading. It was genuine, and it was a gift from God that my heart needed so badly. I am grateful beyond words and in complete awe of Christ's truly amazing grace. I have never experienced it so fully in all my life.
Praise God! His grace truly is ENOUGH!
And thank you Mr. Lucado for sharing this story that speaks God's love so clearly that this sweet boy understood.


  1. Wow, I am so thankful we get to walk this journey with you. As I was reading I pictured everything and my heart breaks and rejoices with you at the same time. I am thankful this sweet little boy has you and Andy in his life right now.

  2. Oh Kristie, that's exactly it, a constant battle for balance between the sadness and the joy.
    I am so thankful to have him in our lives! He is teaching me to be a more tender and attentive mama every day. What a blessing!