Monday, March 22, 2010

It really isn't about all

You know, I understand that, but sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get it.

Really get it.

Trying to simply be still and absorb it. That alone is a challenge for my fidgety self. My impatient often hurried self. Oh how I don't want to run impulsively ahead of the Lord!

Learning to wait. Understanding that when God delays, He is not inactive. That He is never late. He is aware. He is preparing. And He'll cue me when He is ready for me.....or perhaps better, when I am ready for Him.

How He loves us!


  1. Loved being with you last night. Loved your and Andy's hearts. Loved sharing life together. Love what God is doing. Love the time when HE will reveal it all, but anticipate most of that will be when we finally behold His glorious face! Yes, Kristy, how He loves you!