Saturday, January 2, 2010

Image of Contentment

Meet my babies, of the furry kind, Princess Ebony and Sir Smokey. I love these cats! I've had cats on and off most of my life, and these are the latest additions. While I love animals of all kinds, I'm particularly fond of cats. They just hold a special place with me. They are so smart, warm, loving, easy to care for and just down right cuddly! (Now, before all you dog lovers get sensitive, I have also had many different dogs in my life, including a gorgeous German Shepherd and lively Black Lab that currently own my backyard!)
Nonetheless, these cats are special! They have decided that their new favorite place to nap is my sewing table. Thankfully it is large enough to accommodate both of us! I love the unspoken feeling of HOME they add to my special room and the unconditional love they share with me while in here. They offer a natural calming effect that I welcome!

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