Monday, January 4, 2010

It was a Kool-Aid Day!

Yes, it was a Kool-Aid day at our house today! Kool-Aid is a rarity reserved for special occassions around here. Today, being the first day back to work, school & the early rise routine, I felt it called for a little extra inspiration of the pink lemonade form....everyone agreed! :) And while we had all refused to admit that the end of our holiday was coming, up until the very last minute yesterday evening, it turned out to be a wonderful day! Most everything went smoothly and the things that didn't, just didn't seem like such a bid deal anyway. The girls and I had one of those rare, uninterrupted heart to hearts to start the morning, my big boy that turned FIVE over the holiday officially started his first math lesson (which he was so adorably excited about and was so much fun!) and the evening came to a close with a box full of some of the most lovely fabrics waiting for me when we arrived home. It was a good day! It was a Kool-Aid day!

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  1. My kids all excited over Kool-Aid too! I think it's the sugar talking!!