Wednesday, February 3, 2010



In a house as active as ours, sometimes the hours of "bedtime" don't always provide a rested and refreshed body in the morning. Often I find myself being drug from the warmth of my bed by nothing more than the knowledge that if I don't get up and get started, regardless of how exhausted I may be, the mess that will await me will be even bigger! lol! :) So, the idea of "aubade", while romantic and lovely, just doesn't seem so realistic sometimes.

Aubade - a song greeting the dawn

However, our awesome Creator deserves nothing less. Just as the birds outside my window welcome the new day with a song of praise, so should I. A praise full of genuine gratitude and enthusiasm for the gift and possibilities this day holds. So, Father, I pray that while my body may be weary, my concentration a bit muddled, that my heart will offer an aubade that is pleasing to you.

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  1. K- We have BIG new - check the blog. I loved the quote you posted below too! WOW! God is moving all of our hearts toward children in Africa. We pray, we pray.