Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In need of Alignment & Balancing

Being in a home with an automotive educator/lover of all things vehicle related, a car metaphor seems appropriate here. :) (disclaimer...attempting to impress hubby as well!) So bear with me a moment as I create an image for you of the Alignment/Balancing taking place in my life.

(alignment pics and info borrowed from carx.com/balancing pics and info borrowed from off-road.com) Ok, to start, a brief description of the importance of proper wheel alignment and balancing and how this influences the overall safety and function of your vehicle...I will update if I learn I am wrong. I am sure if I am wrong I will be informed! ;)

Alignment - "In its most basic form, a wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is to maximize tire life and set a vehicle tracking straight and true when driving." My simple analysis, when a vehicle is out of alignment it pulls away from the direction you are steering it and can cause excessive wear to tire tread and then cause out of balance tires. Dangerous and costly.Balancing - "Tire out-of-balance is usually in the tread area (A), see illustration, since the tread is the heaviest part of the tire and the part farthest away from the center of the axle. In the illustration, (A) represents the heavy spot. (B) is the area of the rim where weights are usually applied." Again, my analysis, when a tire or tires are out of balance the ride becomes bumpy and less controlled and requires extra weight to re-balance. And once again, dangerous and costly.
Still with me??? :)
I have found that one of my most common prayers, whether looking back through an old journal or considering my daily prayers, is that my heart be aligned with God's. In addition, I also find myself just as often asking God to bless my plans, whatever they may be at the time. I am realizing that this leaves me looking like the improperly aligned car in the first photo, with my well intentioned front wheels pointed toward God while my crooked back wheels are distracted by my own plans, steering me off His course. This creates imbalance in my life and often requires weight in the form of unnecessary burdens. It also places me outside of the safety of His will. Dangerous and costly. Instead, when praying for my heart to be aligned with God's I should remember that that means aligning my plans with His plans....not asking Him to bless my own plans. I am certain, if by nothing more than experience itself that His plans are far greater than mine! Always better than I could have asked or imagined! Oh to cling to this TRUTH more!

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  1. Well said (and technically accurate) my love!