Sunday, February 21, 2010


Father God,
Thank you. Thank you for the amazing Father you are! Thank you for loving me enough to share your truth with me. Thank you for giving me repeated second chances to obey and follow and for not giving up on me while you've waited. Thank you for eyes that see and ears that hear in a way that feels like the first time. Thank you for the unavoidable stirring in my heart to change and the consistency of scripture as I wrestle with it all. Thank you for the difference it is yet to make in the way I live my life.
I am so thankful for the recent exposure to your Word and truths through the following series from The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama...of which, 2 weeks ago I had never heard of. Your sovereignty and timing delights me in a way that is overwhelming! I feel like every area of my life is being redefined, and finally, with only You as the author! What a newborn perspective of my personal smallness and inabilities of self-reliance in comparison to your greatness and possibilities when I allow you the rightful position of Leader, Owner of all. You Lord are faithful and the glimpses of your true and pure love for all people encourage and inspire me to confidently move towards the unknown. My prayer is that my efforts bring glory to you. ~Amen


  1. sister - send me the sermons!!! Where can I find it? Seriously!

  2. never mind - I clicked on the picture and am listening as I'm typing. I think I will be in agreement with what I'm about to hear! Lord's been showing me a LOT!