Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflection and Purpose

Sometimes the circumstances of life offer the opportunity for unexpected reflection. This week has been just that for me. My grandmother was very ill, and passed away late Tuesday evening, so I have traveled to my "home" town twice this week. Due to the complications of the situation I traveled alone the first trip.

Driving "home" is always a mix of emotions....both good and bad. Obviously the reason for my trip being bad this time. However, as I began to drive into town, see familiar places and reflect on where my sweet husband and I have come over the passed 15 years it was encouraging.

"Home" was where we soon moved to after we were married. It is where we got to know one another and embark on the planning of our future. It is where much of our extended family is and where our own family began with the birth of our first child 12 years ago tomorrow. The pause of the norm that this week allowed me was a humbling breath of fresh air.

We are living the dream.

All the things we hoped for, planned for, dreamed of and discussed, we are square in the middle of. Yes, much of it is different from what we had envisioned, but the truth is, it is far better than we imagined! Far bigger! And far more reliant on God....which is so good. I needed this realization. I needed it right now.

The unexpected trials and challenges of foster parenting no doubt take an emotional tole on us. I often react in anger or bitterness rather than faith and hope as I wish I did. But, I don't doubt for a single minute that we are right where He would have us. Right where He groomed us to be. Our days full of many, many things, but also full of purpose for Him and His desires.

Overwhelmingly grateful for the reminder not to miss it!

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