Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am not a painter, as I stated in my last post, but my sweet girl is! The picture on the right is a watercolor that just happened to be in one of the frames from my thrifty project. Being another's hand-made art, I had no intention of throwing it out. But, something even better happened, it inspired my 9 year old artist. The picture on the left is her replica. Mind you, she has had no official training or traditional art classes. Nothing more than simple projects and lessons we have done together. She amazes me at how naturally she picks up and applies brushstrokes and lighting techniques. Effortless.  It's like she "sees" it you know? In a way that I don't when I look at the canvas. She comes to life when she paints, and my heart swells just getting to experience it!

What a Blessing!

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