Sunday, March 27, 2011

Takin' the PLUNGE....well, kinda

Seeeeeewwwwwww, I've wanted to make a quilt for like forever! I follow multiple quilter blogs and drool over all the quilty goodness regularly. I had the impression that I need certain feet for my machine and had to learn certain techniques before I should even begin, but had a lovely and talented quilter encourage me that it wasn't all necessary and that I should indeed give it a try. I've continued to mull the idea over and over, bought fabric specifically for a quilt well over a year ago, but NOW, now I'm taking at least my first baby step! :D

These are I-Spy squares. If you've never seen an I-Spy quilt, do a quick google search and be WOWED! I'm taking part in a kind mama's first I-Spy swap....though she is a very experienced quilter, this is the first time she is hosting. Perfect for me to participate for the 1st time too!

 The idea is that you send in 200 pre-cut squares, 20 each of 10 prints. And then, you get back 200 DIFFERENT squares to help complete your I-Spy quilt. Fun right??? I sure think so! I enjoyed choosing the prints and cutting these little squares so much I already have enough for another exchange ready to go! lol! The possibilities are truly endless!
I figured if ANY quilt were going to be loved regardless of how it turned out it would be an I-Spy. I can just imagine my kiddos piled in the floor around it playing together. (Warm, head tilted smile here.) ;) "I spy a cupcake! I spy a Zebra! I spy a Stop sign!" You're imagining the fun too now aren't ya?

Well, whether these little squares will indeed make it into this quilted creation and fulfill my fairytale fantasy is yet to be seen. But, taking the first step seems pretty exciting right now! And hey, if I start feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a FULL sized quilt (shiver!), then, I can always start with one of these clever Mini Quilts right???

I-Spy FUN ahead!

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