Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrifty Wanna Be!

Yea so, I am pretty much in complete awe and envy of those amazing people who can take random thrift store finds and turn them into creative, elaborate treasures. You know the type. Well, I'm not one of them. Perhaps it's a skill that can be honed and there is still hope for me, but this weekend, I attempted the craftiness and my aching body is still paying for it! LOL! However, I did learn something (or was at least reminded) about myself....I am (also) NOT a painter.  
I was on the hunt for a bunch of frames, preferably different sizes, shapes and details, and I knew that it being the last weekend of the month it was half/price weekend at the thrift stores. (yea, you didn't know that? I mean that's like common knowledge right???) ;) First stop was a total bomb....nothing. I was feeling a bit discouraged, thinking perhaps this was a bad joke and I would end up coming home with nothing more than a lampshade and a dress that fit no one in my house but was too cute to leave behind. I really wanted these frames, so I mustered up the courage to make a second attempt, and SCORE! It didn't matter what color they were because I intended to paint them.

My pile of "treasure". And ALL for about $20! (which is what I wanted to spend....one of those tricks of the trade I think, setting a $ limit.)

All laid out ready to paint. BTW.....the picnic tablecloth here has a fuzzy back that "stuck" to the driveway perfectly to keep everything in place and never blew up on my freshly painted projects while drying. See....I AM a fast learner! Another one of those tricks of the trade I bet!

My personal assistant who promised to get no paint on him. Ahem. We'll just leave it at that.

And my finished products! I was pleased. And the display they created turned out just the way I wanted, so I suppose not a bad thrifty experience after all. Who knows, I may surprise myself yet! ;)

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