Monday, April 11, 2011

Distraction, Daydreams and a tad of Conviction

That just about sums up right where I'm at! Let's take it in reverse....

The sweet little What Every Child Needs flip calendar that sits by my desk, yes, the one that only gets turned on the appropriate date randomly, provides the conviction...

Affirmation: Crazy-About-Me Love

What are the obstacles that keep us from responding to our children's need for affirmation with our undivided time and attention? For most of us, the answer is clear. It is busyness. It is the tyranny of the urgent, those tasks that are not more important than our children, but which we somehow find ourselves responding to first.

UGH!!!!!! Foot in the gut!

I've heard His sweet voice whispering this very thing to my heart for weeks now. It's not so much lack of my physical presence, but that of my mind. My mind is in constant race mode. Getting done, catching up, preparing for what's next. I have a very hard time sitting still in my own home, as there always seems to be something that needs my attention. But certainly nothing as precious and worthy of my UNDIVIDED attention as my kiddos. Keyword in CAPS there in case you missed that. Most of the things swimming about would all be considered "good" things....well, assuming keeping the laundry up is "good". :) You get the idea.

We are only days away from this...

Now you understand the Distraction and Daydreaming part of my title! While we are churning about getting the house all tidy...I hate to leave a dirty house, because coming home from a break like this is hard enough, I at least want to come back to a clean house! One of those thing embedded in me by my mother I think! Nonetheless, I want it all in order and have already begun packing and making the checklists for meals and travel items needed. This is amidst the normal daily operations of lessons, laundry, work and so on. I keep telling myself that when we get there, it will be a week of no "busyness". A week of undivided attention for my family. A week away from all the distractions that prevent this day to day. While I am so excited for this time, it also aches my heart that the "busyness" robs so much the other 51 weeks of the year. I feel a soul reset coming. I am looking forward to this time of staying up too late, playing in the ocean, building sandcastles, getting sunburned, winning all the card games, but my prayer for this time away is a deep reconnection with my family. That we will not only enjoy the break from going through the motions, but that we will also not return to it. I am hopeful that we will come home both refreshed and re-focused! Freely reminded that most importantly, we need to "Be still and know that He is God". Ps. 46:10

Daydreaming of warm sand between my toes,

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