Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Standing Firm...Believing!

Isn't it interesting and even overwhelming when you feel a stirring within you, something that you can't fully explain or even put your finger on, THEN....when you pause to seek Him, He answer clearly? Why should that even surprise me? He wants me to seek Him for everything and He wishes to provide my churning heart and brain with answers. He does not desire to leave me hanging. I think perhaps, I do that to myself.
I like to have "the plan". I like to know what to expect. Funny thing is, God just wants me to believe. Believe what He says. Believe He can do all things. Believe that He will....yes, for me. I find myself in the midst of the unpredictable, and while the possibilities roll within my mind, and there is certainly a bit of unrest that I can't explain, I believe. While I look forward to answers, I am not dependent on them. This is very new to me! Right now, it is enough to know He is in control. And wow! That is good!
And this reminder from some writings of Charles H. Spurgeon I read this morning speak straight to my waiting heart...

"Stand firm. I must maintain the posture of one who stands, ready for action, expecting further orders, and cheerfully and patiently awaiting the Director's voice. It will not be long until God will say to me, as distinctly as He told Moses to tell the children of Israel, "Move on" (Ex. 14:15)."

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