Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sure is a bumpy ride! The roller coaster that our experience with foster care has been just continues! And it's far more interesting and unpredictable than I could ever have dreamed up! We are simply HANGIN' ON and saying "Yes, Lord!".

I was recently offered the opportunity to write an article for a popular baby product company about foster care. Normally, I would have jumped at the chance and had a mouthful to share on many given topics if given such an opportunity. I have remained speechless on this. Not even an intro to work from. Total blank. I determined that if I were indeed suppose to write this article it would have to come from God, and I have resolved to wait. Not shut the door, but just place it on the back burner until God moves it forward and turns up the heat...if He so desires. So I continue to pray about it and wait. I don't want to let a rare and wonderful opportunity pass, but I don't want to open my mouth without His absolute direction. Trusting that my blankness is not an accident and perhaps the story that I am to tell just isn't fully written yet.

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